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FS Recruiting is focused on one goal. To bring your company the best Swedish speaking candidates available today.

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We work close with Swedish companies and the Swedish government in order to deliver high quality candidates quickly and effortless.

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The demand for Scandinavian speaking people in Czech Republic has been increasing over the past years. Much because of the strong and growing job market.

This increased demand of Swedish speakers has not been matched by the actual amount of Swedish speakers available.

Established in 2015, we are now filling that gap by providing candidates from Sweden to Czech Republic or elsewhere in the world.


The cost depends from many different factors such as: salary, profile, needs and experience.
Contact us to get prices.

If you hire more people at one, we are ready to make a package price including a discount.

We have fair prices comparing to our opponents.



Why choose us?

  • We give you good quality Swedish speakers when others struggle
  • We make a personality screening to find the best talents
  • We are running campaigns with a big network of agencies in Sweden
  • We provide exclusive support for people moving
  • We offer a satisfaction guarantee when you hire